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Our Careers Service programme is the perfect way to support you in landing a new career. By working with industry we aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed for a rewarding future in tech.

It's time to take control of your future

The Careers Service programme gives students a chance to self-reflect, build on existing skills and develop new ones that are vital in helping them navigate the job market as well as manage their new tech career post graduation.

Build on Your Existing Skills & Experience

Every student gets personalised attention when they join us, so that they have a clear understanding of  how to achieve their career goals. 

Boost your CV & Interview Skills

Our supportive team will help you develop new skills to navigate the job market and find the perfect fit for your tech career after you finish your course with us.

Develop Skills to Navigate the Job Market


Self-Reflect and Grow

Having the right skills, aptitude and attitude to learning will help you stand out from the competition! Learn how to get noticed in today’s highly competitive tech market.


Manage your future success

Understanding the industry better and what your career progression could look like is the first step in making sure the first role you get outside of CodeClan is the right one.

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Discover new opportunities

With our hands-on experience and in-depth resources, we provide you with all the tools needed for a successful transition into the tech industry of tomorrow.
The support you need

Grow Your Skills and Expertise

Our experienced team provides technical skills and career preparation resources to help you gain the confidence you need to land your dream tech job.

We understand that all our students are unique individuals, many with a breadth of skills and experience.

These skills and experiences are what the industry is looking for so we encourage students to use these experiences to enhance their opportunity in securing their new tech role.

Career coaching

Our team provides tailored career coaching sessions designed to help hone your CV writing, interview skills and industry awareness.

Stay updated on tech trends

You’ll have access to industry speakers, workshops and insights into different types of technology roles and jobs.

Your launchpad into a new career

Understand industry trends as you watch guest speakers, attend sessions, and gain rare insight into different technology roles and jobs – giving you a greater understanding of what employers look for when hiring.

Jump into new possibilities

Industry Awareness & Networking Opportunities

With our support, students can take the time to self-reflect and build on existing job and interview skills. You’ll also develop new skills needed to navigate the job market.

With the tech industry thriving, having the right skills, aptitude and attitude to learning will help you stand out from the competition!

At CodeClan, we’ll give you everything you need to make an impact in your desired tech field. With our comprehensive programme, you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed.
We help students prepare for the rigors of job searching and application processes. Our team guides you over the entire journey, offering one-to-one help with industry advice, CV writing tips and job preparation.

The jobs market remains competitive, however the tech industry is thriving compared to many others.

This economic resilience is what makes a career in tech worth pursuing. Domain knowledge is often a nice-to-have on a CV or job spec but it’s often the basic skills, aptitude and overall approach to learning our graduates have that helps them succeed and excel in their new tech careers.

Maximize your potential

Put your career into overdrive

The tech industry is changing faster than ever before, and it can be daunting to transition into this field. But with our hands-on experience and in-depth resources, we provide you with all the tools you need to make a successful transition into a new career.

Our Careers Service Programme helps you self-reflect and build on existing job and interview skills. You’ll develop new skills to help you navigate the ever-changing job market, giving yourself an edge over other applicants.

Accelerate your job search

Acquire the necessary skills and training to start your new career with ease. Our Careers Service helps students develop essential skills such as CV writing, industry awareness, and more.

Receive personal one-to-one career support

Our talented team is dedicated to helping you manage your new tech career post-graduation, offering invaluable career coaching and helpful advice to kickstart your journey.

Gain Insight into Different Tech Roles

You can watch industry speakers and sessions, giving you valuable insight into different technology roles. This gives you a head-start when looking for new roles in tech.

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