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Learning Support You Can Count On.

CodeClan Learning Support offers every student a safe space to take a break, recharge, learn and feel supported throughout their coding journey.

Coding can be tough. We can help.

Learning can be challenging for everyone and with the bootcamp teaching style of our course it can feel overwhelming. Our learning support team takes pride in creating a learning environment that allows students to feel supported, safe and comfortable.

The Learning Support programme is compiled of the Successful Learning Series, 1-1 coaching and reasonable adjustments.

The Successful Learning series is designed to cultivate a growth mindset and provide extra support at every stage of the course journey.

Focus on what matters

How do we promote wellbeing at CodeClan?

At CodeClan we understand that everyone learns differently and we try our best to remove as many barriers to learning as possible. 

Offering reasonable adjustments combined with one-to-one support enables students to thrive and get the most out of their learning experience.


Coaching from the inside out

1-to-1 coaching on learning and wellbeing, focused on identifying the best habits, practices and tools to support one’s learning. Students have a chance to look as simple things such as food, sleep, relaxation practices; identifying blockers and discussing and finding solutions.


Improve your study habits

We offer expert advice, guidance and support that helps you create a healthier routine for yourself – like taking regular breaks, prioritizing activities, or managing time wisely. Our team is always available to provide the right kind of assistance that our students need on the way.


Learn from wellness experts

We work with bodies such as Edinburgh Community Yoga, Psychology Scotland and Equate Scotland to provide a broad insight into the challenges students may face or have faced and equip them with tools to feel prepared for the future.

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The foundation of learning

A strong sense of wellbeing is at the foundation of all learning and activity.

During our immersive courses, we integrate the subject of wellbeing into many of the talks and sessions we deliver to students, including those related to learning, project managements or teamwork.

By reflecting, discussing and learning, these sessions allow students to maximise their learning potential.

Learning Support & Wellbeing Sessions

Information on improving learning and wellbeing

A safe space to discuss and explore the topics

Create stronger connections with peers

Disconnect from studies, relax and have some fun

Share one’s idea and learn from each other

A healthy sense of self, learning to manage projects and being great team player are all important ingredients to one’s learning and success.

The immersive courses we offer at CodeClan can be intense. The paced, hours and new learning experience for students who haven’t coded before is at times challenging.

Offering students information, advice and support regarding wellbeing is part of our strategy to support them on their journey and to also hopefully bring ease and joy to their learning process.


Resources for Success

Emphasising wellbeing during the course can help students recognise that a strong foundation for success includes a healthy body and a healthy state of mind; this will serve them not only during the course, but way beyond it, in their careers.

“ …your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard, but also unplugging, recharging and renewing yourself” – Arianna Huffington

One to One Sessions

One-to-one coaching sessions are available from the instructor team as well as the learning support team allowing tailored support to be provided.

Monthly talks and workshops

The focus on wellbeing in the form of monthly talks and workshops, along with the sessions embedded into the course, reminds students that wellbeing and learning are interlinked and should be a priority in the students’ journey at CodeClan.

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