My Career Change Into Tech

Duty Manager to Assistant Instructor


What were you doing before CodeClan?

I did a degree in English Literature but found that it didn’t really lead to any jobs I was interested in, so had moved up to Edinburgh and was working in hospitality management, as a Duty Manager in a small hotel.

Have you always wanted to learn to code?

I’ve always been interested in how websites are put together, and learned some HTML and CSS when I was a teenager to do things like modifying my MySpace profile – those were the days!

What made you want to work in tech?

I saw that it was an expanding sector with a lot of opportunities, and a lot of different interesting jobs available. It’s always exciting to be working on something that’s constantly developing!

What did you hope to achieve by coming to CodeClan?

I really wanted to change careers and be doing something I was excited to get out of bed for. I wanted to challenge myself by learning something new and diving headfirst into a new industry.

Was the experience what you hoped it would be?

Yes! I had a fantastic time, and now I have a job I enjoy with loads of opportunities because of the skills I’ve developed.

How did you feel when you first decided to come to CodeClan?

I was quite nervous, because I was putting a lot at risk to come to do the course. I’d quit my job, and was dependent on this all working out well. I was also excited, because I was proactively making a possibly life changing decision rather than staying unsatisfied.

How did CodeClan support you when you first started?

We had some pre-course work to get us used to some of the programs we would be using and some of the terminology, and then once we’d started we had support from the instructors and other staff to make sure we were keeping up.

What 5 words would you use to describe your CodeClan experience?

Fun, friendship, challenging, rewarding, creative.

What was your favourite part of the course?

I really enjoyed the project weeks where we got the chance to use all the things we’d learned to make something, and getting to see all my course mates’ work was great as everyone puts their own personality and ideas into things even if we’re using the same tools.

Is it all work no play?

Not at all. There is plenty of work, but we take our time to relax at lunch and have one night a week where there’s no homework and everyone’s encouraged to hang out, which often means going to the local pub quiz but can also be table tennis, board games or karaoke. We also celebrate when every cohort graduates from the course.

Are you happy you made the decision to come to CodeClan?


What are you doing now that you’ve graduated?

I’m working as an Assistant Instructor at CodeClan, helping other students through the course while also deepening my own understanding and learning new skills every day.

Would you say the course has changed your life? If so, how?

Yes, absolutely. I didn’t hate my previous job but I didn’t have any passion for the industry and wasn’t feeling at all challenged or motivated. Now I have a whole range of new skills and as well as having a job I enjoy doing, I can create things in my spare time for fun. I’ve also got a great new group of friends in Edinburgh and some great mentors to call on for help.