My Career Change Into Tech

Business Consultant to Workpro Analyst


What were you doing before CodeClan?

I was a business consultant for an audio visual company and had recently graduated from a Psychology & Sociology degree.

How old are you?


Have you always wanted to learn to code?

Not at all, but it wasn’t exactly pushed to be a viable career while I grew up. Once I became aware and started to learn it became very important to me.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Running, eating, gaming, travelling. Not always in that order and give or take a few!

Before CodeClan, what was your dream job?

Game designer working for Paradox!

What made you want to work in tech?

I think technology and how we use it fascinating, from software that helps us organize our daily lives to the huge mechanical cranes that carry weight we could never hope to get off the ground. It has taken us so very far in a very short space of time and I find the prospect of where it might lead us to be very exciting!

Before coming to CodeClan, had you tried any coding?

Some very minor Python modding scripts for the game Mont & Blade Warband. Cannot remember what I did or how!

What did you hope to achieve by coming to CodeClan?

Career change into software, to learn the basic skills of a software developer and to educate myself on what sort of career I could take upon graduating.

How did you feel when you first decided to come to CodeClan?

Terrified, excited and self-conscious.

Are you happy you made the decision to come to CodeClan?


Do you have any regrets?

If I did it would be not pushing that little bit harder on that project.

What are you doing now that you’ve graduated?

Working for a software company in a very jack of all trades role and learning from some extremely competent individuals. Could not have a better start with a nicer set of skills to be learned.

Would you say the course has changed your life? If so, how?

My day to day happiness. I often smile on my way to/from work. Other things have changed as well but I think that is by far the most important.

What type of opportunities has CodeClan given you?

Everything a new career offers when you have a solid and reliable skillset and a demand for it. Best decision of my life. Thank you!