CodeClan's 2020 Summer School

Don’t stay put, seize the summer and expand your knowledge with our Summer School courses from 2 days to 5 weeks.

Data Courses    Development Courses 

New courses to put tech and data skills on your CV this summer

Adventures in sunny climes may have to wait a year, but that’s no reason to pause your career development. In fact, now is the perfect time to build the skills for the new normal. Tech and data skills may well be the difference between thriving and surviving, so at CodeClan we’ve laid on a series of courses to get you ahead of the curve.

Look out for the Summer School 2020 badge on our courses!

Data courses

Whether you’re working in a commercial organisation or in your early career, data is the essential skillset of the future. From start-ups to government, organisations across Scotland are investing in data and building teams to inform and drive their growth. We’re offering a range of affordable intro courses to help you start your journey.


Learn Python for Data Analysis

Learn to manage data with the world’s most in-demand programming language*


Learn R for Data Analysis

Move beyond spreadsheets and learn to clean, organise, and analyse data.


Learn SQL for Data Analysis

Get an introduction to one of the most popular tools for data analysis

Development courses

Digital skills like programming are critically important for building the products, services and indeed careers we need for the new normal and beyond. If you like to build things, troubleshoot problems and understand users, our development and UX courses are an ideal starting point. 


Intro to HMTL & CSS

Pick up the skills that form the foundation of web development.

EARLY BIRD: £1000 / 3 DAYS 

UX Fundamentals

Get to grips with UX, from web accessibility and design to research and testing.

EARLY BIRD: £1000 / 3 DAYS 

Software Dev Lifecycle (SDLC) Fundamentals

Understanding software and work more effectively with developers.

EARLY BIRD: £1500 / 4 DAYS 

Agile Software Dev Lifecycle (SDLC) for Managers

Understand the product lifecycle from design and development to deployment.

* Statistics from Stackoverflow