CodeClan's 2021
Summer School

Looking to new career horizons this summer? Join us for a programme of data and software courses and workshops.

Data Courses    Software Courses

Put tech and data skills on your CV this summer

Now is the perfect time to build the skills for your dream career. Tech and data skills may well be the difference between thriving and surviving, so at CodeClan we’ve laid on a series of courses to get you ahead of the curve.

Dip your toe in data analysis...

Whether you’ve just graduated or you’ve already kicked off your career, data is the essential skillset of the future. From start-ups to government, organisations across the world are investing in data and building teams to inform and drive their growth. At CodeClan, we offer a range of affordable intro courses to help you start your journey.


Workshop: Coding for Data Analysis

Learn the basics of coding for data analysis and code along with an instructor.

£300 / 2 DAYS

Learn Python for Data Analysis

Learn to manage data with the world’s most in-demand programming language*

£300 / 2 DAYS

Learn SQL for Data Analysis

Get an introduction to one of the most popular tools for data analysis

£200 / 1 DAY

Data Visualisations with R

Turn a spreadsheet into something beautiful that brings the story behind your data to life.

£400 / 2 DAYS

Interactive Data Dashboards

Create interactive dashboards to engage decision-makers and provide real-time insights.

Soak up some software skills...

Digital skills like programming are critically important for building the products, services and careers of the future. If you like to build things, troubleshoot problems and understand users, our software courses are an ideal starting point. 


Workshop: Coding for Software Development

Learn some programming basics in Python and code along with an instructor.

* Statistics from Stackoverflow