Terms & Conditions:

1. Applications received for applicable courses between 1st November and 1st December will be considered as entries for this competition.

2. Two winners will be chosen at random: one successful applicant for the Data Analysis course and one successful applicant for the Professional Software Development course. The two winners will be eligible to receive a 20% discount on their course fee.

3.1 Entrants must apply for only one of either the Data Analysis or Professional Software Development course. One entry only per entrant.

3.2 This competition is restricted to the following courses and start dates:

– Professional Software Development Cohort E38 (Edinburgh, pre-course starts 17th January 2020, on-campus training starts 17th February);
– Professional Software Development Cohort G18 (Glasgow, pre-course starts 24th February 2020, on-campus training starts 16th March 2020);
– Data Analysis Cohort DG1 (Glasgow, pre-course starts 16 December 2019, on campus training starts 13th January 2020);
– Data Analysis Cohort DE3 (Edinburgh, pre-course starts 10 February 2020, on campus training starts 24th February 2020).

3.3 The winner may not transfer the discounted fee to a subsequent cohort in cases of deferral. In cases of deferral, a full course fee is applicable.

4. CodeClan reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course start date with reasonable notice.

5. Entrants must successfully complete our standard application process for Data Analysis or Professional Software Development courses no later than Thursday 12th December. Entrants must be available for interview no later than 12 December. CodeClan reserves the right to reject applications if they do not fit our criteria for a successful candidate.

6. We will announce the two winners on Monday 16th December. CodeClan may use the two winners’ names on social media and other publicity channels. Winners will be informed directly by email. To claim the prize, the two winners must respond and confirm by email to [email protected] no later than 12 noon on Friday 20th December.

7. If a winner fails to come forward as described in point 6, CodeClan will reallocate the discount to another randomly selected successful applicant.

8. CodeClan will not prevent the winners from using their discount in conjunction with third party funding.

9. CodeClan will not exchange a winner’s 20% discount for a cash prize.

10. In cases of withdrawal from the course, CodeClan will not refund the discounted amount.

11. The discount of 20% will be calculated against the full course fee £6250. Each winner will be required to pay their course deposit of £750 in full and CodeClan will subtract the discount from subsequent payments

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